HansemEUG, Proud to Announce the Renewal of our ISO 17100 Certification

HansemEUG, Proud to Announce the Renewal of our ISO 17100 Certification

We at HansemEUG are pleased to announce the renewal of our ISO 17100 certification, an international certification for quality assurance. We are especially delighted as we were the first language service provider (LSP) in Korea to receive the certification in 2014, and that we renewed the certification again this year without any non-conformances.

ISO 17100 is an international standard that “specifies requirements for all aspects of the translation process directly affecting the quality and delivery of translation services. It includes provisions for translation service providers (otherwise known as LSPs) concerning the management of core processes, minimum qualification requirements, the availability and management of resources, and other actions necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service.” ISO 17100 is a relatively new international standard that superseded EN 15038, a European standard, in 2015.

ISO 17100 was prepared by the International Standards Organization’s Technical Committee ISO/TC 37 to meet the rising need of a standard that was accepted worldwide and to meet the need for defining translation service processes that set the framework for achieving high quality translations. Now, all LSPs aim to achieve this standard.

In 2014, HansemEUG was the first LSP in Korea to receive EN 15038 certification. We have faithfully maintained compliance with the translation service requirements, leading us to the renewal in accordance with ISO 17100 in both 2016 and in 2018.

For the first audit in 2014, an international auditor visited the HansemEUG headquarters in South Korea to conduct an in-person audit by carefully evaluating us on the following criteria.

ISO 17100 Assessment Criteria

  • Review of records and documentation of the translators database and selection procedure for translation resources (translators, revisers, reviewers)
  • Interview with the head of the LSP department
  • Review of the project management process and interview with a project manager
  • Review of the resource recruitment and management process and interview with a resource manager
  • Review of the translation quality management process and interview with a linguist
  • Sample checking of completed translation jobs
  • Review of the availability and suitability of technical resources
  • Review of the quality management process, which must include a process for assessing client satisfaction
  • Review of whether required pre-production process are in place, such as post-handling of client enquiries, preparing quotations, entering into agreements, and job order forms
  • Review of consistent use of terminology in internal processes and communication with clients
  • Review of whether the required production processes are in place, such as assigning linguists, placing the project order, archiving, and tracking
  • Review of processes in a completed project

[ISO 17100 Renewal on February 8, 2018]

After a successful audit in 2014, a re-certification in accordance with ISO 17100 took place in 2016. This renewal audit reviewed not only the conformity to standard processes such as translation, resource recruitment and management, and translation quality management, but also conformity to the corrective measures that were recommended in the previous audit.

[Linguist Working in Accordance With the ISO 17100 Requirements]

Then just two years later, on February 8th, 2018, the second re-certification audit took place similarly to the first renewal audit. The success of the audit confirmed what was happening at HansemEUG – that we were putting in hard work to comply with the ISO requirements to provide a translation service that meets international standards.

It was a true moment of delight to receive international recognition for all the collaborative work put in by the Language Services team to maintain the highest standard of translation quality.

[Language Services Team]

A rigorous renewal audit is scheduled to take place again two years from now in 2020. We will continue our efforts meet the stringent requirements for certification and have no doubt that we will successfully pass the audit again with no non-conformances.